Mediation is a legal process by which parties in conflict meet with a neutral mediator (or co-mediators) to discuss a possible resolution of that conflict.

During mediation, the mediator attempts to elicit information from the parties related to the issues, as well as each party’s desired outcome, in order to assist the parties in reaching compromises.

The main advantage of this process is that it allows the participants to create their own solutions without incurring the stress and expense of litigation. Participants share the costs for mediation in most cases, thereby reducing the overall costs of conflict resolution.

Mediated Solutions to Disputes | Baltimore Divorce Mediator

The Mediation Center, in Ellicott City, Maryland, has more than 10 years of experience in helping its clients reach mediated solutions to conflicts involving:

  • Divorce and family disputes: We assist divorcing clients by recommending potential solutions to their marital dissolution, including division of assets (including homes, retirement assets and complex business assets), child custody and visitation schedules and family support payments.
  • Commercial disputes: We work with businesses to resolve contract disputes, employer-employee disputes, employee harassment and termination issues, customer-supplier disputes, workplace conflicts and other civil issues.
  • Civil disputes: We mediate civil disputes between condominium associations, homeowner associations (HOAs) and their members, as well as between parties in probate disputes, including contested wills and trusts.

Our founding attorney, Cecilia B. Paizs, is an experienced mediator in Maryland. She has helped dozens of mediation clients reach mutually acceptable resolutions after engaging with them in the mediation processes.

Rather than hand down a judgment that the participants must follow, attorney Paizs listens to the participants concerns and then uses the mediation process to move the participants toward a mutually satisfactory solution. Often, these points of resolution form the basis for an eventual settlement between the parties.

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The Mediation Center provides mediation services for clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our mediation lawyer, please contact us online or by calling 410-750-6710.