i-collaborativelawIn a collaborative divorce, lawyers representing each spouse work cooperatively with their clients to forge an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

This differs from traditional negotiation in that it is not adversarial. The attorneys do not represent their clients at the expense of the other side. Instead, the goal is to find mutually beneficial solutions that suit both sides.

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At The Mediation Center, in Ellicott City, Maryland, our lead attorney Cecilia Paizs is trained in the collaborative method of conflict resolution. She can work with you and the collaborative law attorney retained by the other side to resolve the following matters:

  • Divorce and divorce-related issues including child custody, asset division and family support.
  • Guardianships for stepparents, relatives and others who have an interest in caring for a child.
  • Probate issues, including contested wills and trusts, disagreements over powers of attorney and other matters affecting an estate, an estate holder or heirs.

Ellicott City Collaborative Law Attorney

One advantage of the collaborative method is that both sides are allowed to voice their grievances in a structured environment and reach solutions together. This can not only limit legal fees and court costs, it can set the tone for better relations in the future — something that can be very important to divorced parents who must share parenting duties or siblings who want to maintain relations following the death of a parent.

Collaborative law is all about resolving disputes legally, but healthfully. To aid this process, our law firm enlists mental health and financial specialists who can act as emotional coaches, financial coaches or coaches for developing parenting plans.

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