i-divorcemediationWhen relationships end in divorce, mediation can be used to help both parties resolve difficult issues regarding child custody, property distribution, alimony and child support.

The mediation process provides a safe environment for both parties to vent their frustrations while they work toward terms that limit the negative impact on children and other family members.

With the divorcing couple actively participating in creating the agreement, everyone clearly understands what is expected of them. This builds a realistic set of expectations and encourages post-divorce cooperation that makes it easier to make parenting decisions.

Baltimore Family Mediation Lawyer

At The Mediation Center, in Ellicott City, Maryland, we assist divorcing clients by assisting them in reaching mediated solutions to their end-of-marriage issues, including:

People have only so much money, so much time and so much emotional wherewithal. By seeking a mediated solution to your conflict, you can save all of these important resources. If given a choice between spending these resources on a draining legal process, or keeping them for yourself and your children — what would you rather do? You can make that choice today.

Ellicott City Divorce Mediation Lawyer

The Mediation Center provides mediation services for clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our experienced mediation attorney, please contact us online or by calling 410-750-6710