i-comediationThe Mediation Center offers a process known as co-mediation.

Rather than have just one experienced mediator in each session, we can enlist two individuals with separate, but complimentary backgrounds. One mediator, Cecilia Paizs, is an experienced family and business attorney. The second mediator can be a mental health professional or financial expert.

Together, this team of mediators can help parties on both sides of a conflict better understand what is happening to them, what they most need out of the situation and what issues they can or cannot compromise on.

This flexible approach enables parties to discuss their concerns freely and for the mediators to search for common ground. It engenders a balance between the legal issues that must be resolved in a dispute and the other emotional or financial factors that often can impede negotiations in disputes over these and other issues:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Parent Coordination
  • Spousal support
  • Contract
  • Employer/employee conflicts

Getting to the Heart of the Matter | Baltimore Legal Mediation Attorney

Ms. Paizs is a careful listener who understands family and commercial law, and is highly skilled at getting to the heart of a legal dispute and learning what it is each side needs most. She prides herself on creating environments in which all parties leave feeling their positions were heard and considered.

Through her experience as a mediator, negotiator and litigator, she has developed contacts with psychologists and financial professionals who can — in the right situation — help make a mediation more meaningful and productive.

Dispute Mediators | Ellicott City Co-Mediation Attorney

The Mediation Center counsels business and family clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our lawyer, please contact us online in Ellicott City, Maryland, or by calling 410-750-6710.