i-custodyvisitationmediationOne of the first questions most parents ask is “How will this separation and divorce affect our children?”

One way to resolve child-related issues is to negotiate them out of court. When that doesn’t work, custody disputes often end up being decided by a judge, who knows that he/she is not familiar enough with you and/or your children to be able to come up with a plan that is best suited for your family. There is a third way that can avert the costs of litigation while providing a framework for decision making when negotiations fail.

That third way is mediation. At The Mediation Center, in Maryland, we provide mediation services to clients throughout Maryland. Our trained mediation attorney, Cecilia Paizs, can meet with you and your spouse or partner to discuss your respective issues in an impartial, mediated setting.  During the COVID pandemic, services are available in a virtual setting.  

Mediation Provides Control, and a Basis for Negotiation

While options developed in mediation are not legally binding, but they can provide a basis for a negotiated parenting plan, without the extraordinary expenses that litigation can entail. And, because you are ultimately part of the decision, you retain more control than if a judge made the decision for you.

The Mediation Center prides itself on offering a safe, neutral environment to explore options related to decision making and physical custody schedules/visitation schedules for children.

Our lead attorney mediator, Cecilia Paizs, listens carefully to each party’s feelings and desires relating to their children, and assists the parties in developing reasonable schedules of time that the children will be with each parent.

The mediation process allows parents to address concerns and issues that are not often dealt with by the litigation process, such as communication processes between the parents and creative schedules to meet the needs of each parent and the children. In that way, mediation allows the parties to minimize an adversarial relationship between the parties, and thereby minimize the impact of the separation and divorce on the children.

Mediated Custody Child Support Agreements | Baltimore Support Mediation Attorney

Money is always a primary concern in a divorce.

The goal of The Mediation Center in this area is to assist the parties in developing a financial plan that benefits everyone involved. By taking a comprehensive look at the finances of the parties, both now and in the future, the parties can work out a plan that defines child support/spousal support issues in a way that works for both parties and their children, while providing a defined plan now that both parties can rely on.

Maryland Child Access Mediation Attorney

The Mediation Center provides mediation services for clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our experienced mediation lawyer, please contact us online or by calling 410-750-6710.