September 25, 2020:  A lot has happened since I last blogged.  I have limited my practice to mediation, mediation training, representation of children and parenting coordination.  That is still a large area of work and with the pandemic, it has moved to the virtual setting.  I have found, however, that the on line mediation setting allows for new tools as a mediator.  Screen sharing is very helpful in confirming that I am understanding what the participants are saying, as well as providing tools such as calendars to work with.  Math can also be displayed so that the participants can add to the work being done.  Virtual mediation allows for visual contact that face masks can hinder.  Seeing more than just a person’s eyes is important for everyone to be able to communicate effectively.  Communication is primarily based on body language and tone of voice, with little being the actual words being said.  As my mother always said, it is not what you are saying as much as how you are saying it.  Finally, virtual mediation is more convenient for parties and their attorneys, as the need to travel for the mediation is eliminated.  While in person mediations will return when it is safe to meet together without masks, virtual mediation will still have value going forward.   I welcome comments and input in this discussion.