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Ellicott City Civil Mediation Attorney

As our society grows increasingly complex, occasionally relationships in the community deteriorate to the point where outside help is needed.

Baltimore Will and Trust Mediation Lawyer

At The Mediation Center, in Ellicott City, Maryland, we provide a sensible alternative to expensive and time-consuming litigation to help facilitate situations such as:

  • Disputes between neighbors
  • Disputes between condominium associations and members
  • Homeowner association disputes
  • Victim/offender contacts
  • Restorative justice agreements
  • Probate disputes (including wills, contested wills and trusts)

Ellicott City Civil Mediation Lawyer

The Mediation Center provides mediation services for clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our experienced mediation attorney, please contact us online or by calling 410-750-6710.

Office Location

The Mediation Center
3701 Court House Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21043-4409
Phone: 410-750-6710
Fax: 410-750-7358
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