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Ellicott City Mediator Attorney

Less Expense, More Control | Advantages of Retaining Our Maryland Divorce Settlement Law Firm

As with a negotiation, any collaborative or mediated result is likely to cost exponentially less in time and resources than a traditional lawsuit. This is because litigation generally takes months to complete and can result in expensive legal fees and court costs. Further, because a judge makes the decisions in litigation, neither party has control over the outcome.

Allowing a trained and experienced attorney from The Mediation Center to negotiate on your behalf in the collaborative process, or a trained and experienced mediator to assist in resolving your dispute, can take less time, cost less money and provide both parties more control than in a lawsuit.

Whichever method is best for resolving your conflict, our law office seeks to pursue it in a way that best meets your needs while saving you money and preserving your control.

Baltimore Legal Mediation Lawyer | Mediation Training

Our lead attorney, Cecilia Paizs, can offer you the following advantages:

  • Experience. Ms. Paizs has focused on mediation and collaboration for more than 10 years. She does not dabble in alternative dispute resolution; it is her stock in trade.
  • Effectiveness. Ms. Paizs is practical and to the point. She can assist you in solving your legal problem. As a negotiator, mediator and litigator, she keeps issues on track, and always works toward a resolution. She prides herself on working more quickly and more thoroughly than her competition.
  • Personal attention. In her role as a litigator, Ms. Paizs takes the time to meet with her clients individually, to educate them about their legal options, and to help them determine a means of dispute resolution that meets their unique needs. Ms. Paizs also applies that attention to the parties in mediations. Her confident but soothing demeanor puts her clients at ease and frequently defuses tense situations.
  • Cost. Peaceful dispute resolution almost always costs less than in-court litigation. Sometimes the costs savings is astonishing. If you need to resolve a legal issue with a minimum of fuss and expense, Ms. Paizs can help you.

"The average cost to each party to a litigated family law dispute exceeds $50,000. As a general rule, however, people spend $2,000 to $4,000 in mediation. In almost all cases, mediation or collaboration will cost my clients less than going to court." — Attorney Cecilia Paizs

Ellicott City Mediator Lawyer

The Mediation Center provides mediation services for clients throughout the Baltimore area. To discuss your options for mediation in a private consultation with our experienced mediation lawyer, please contact us online or by calling 410-750-6710.

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